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<b>Online – Zoom</b><br> Level 1 The Sporting Hip & Groin


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This course is designed to use evidence based clinical reasoning in the assessment, diagnosis & management of Hip & Groin pathology in the sporting population.

Course date:

Sunday 23rd August, 2020

Course time:

8am – 5pm

Course location:

Online (ZOOM)

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About the Course

Groin pain is often described under the umbrella term ‘Osteitis Pubis’ when in fact the systematic approach of clinical reasoning allows specificity with regard to diagnosis. Rather than a single entity, the literature actually supports nine clinically distinct variations around the pubic symphysis. The treatment of each entity is variable depending on the pathology and the anatomical structure involved.

Likewise Hip pathology in the sporting population is often diagnosed as FAI when in fact it is probable that many of this population are actually suffering the effects of dysplasia. As for groin pathology, the accurate diagnosis, and hence differentiation between impingement and instability, will determine the appropriate treatment.

This course will examine the different pathological classifications and the evidence to support them. The practical component will cover objective examination and explore treatment options and directions. The content of the course is pitched at the highest level to ensure that both the new graduate and experienced clinician alike, will gain insight and treatment protocols that can be utilised immediately.

Learning outcomes
  1. To competently differentiate central pubic  pathology
  2. To competently differentiate hip pathology
  3. To develop an appropriate management plan based on identification of the appropriate clinical entity
  4. To develop competent use of radiology to assist in diagnosis of FAI/DDH & groin pathology

About the Presenter

Andrew Wallis

Andrew is currently employed as the head physiotherapist at St. Kilda Football Club, a position he has held since 2007. Privately, he works at Lifecare Malvern Sports Medicine Centre and Melbourne Orthopaedic Group in association with several of Melbourne’s leading surgeons and sports physicians. He is also a clinical supervisor on the Master’s program at La Trobe University.

Over the last 20 years, Andrew has developed a special interest in hip and groin pathology having worked in both a clinical setting and within the elite sporting environment with Melbourne Victory, Adelaide Thunderbirds, SACA Redbacks, V8 Supercars, triathlon and athletics.

Andrew has developed an evidence based assessment and treatment model for pathology related to the hip and groin. He also enjoys treating problems related to lower limb biomechanics and muscular injury, in addition to knee, ankle and foot pathology.

– Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy)
– Master of Physiotherapy (Sports & Manipulative)
– APA Sports & Manipulative Physiotherapist