Pain in the buttock region can be frustrating and debilitating for many patients, affecting even the simplest activities of daily living.  Pain in this region can be produced by many structures and it is therefore vital the correct diagnosis is made for appropriate treatment.

Common injuries to this area include nerve referral or entrapment from either the lower back (sciatic pain) or buttock muscles (deep gluteal syndrome); Impingement of muscles between bones (ischial femoral impingement) and tendon injuries (proximal hamstring tendinopathy).

These conditions can usually be diagnosed in clinic with a thorough clinical examination by an experienced hip and groin physiotherapist. Further investigations such as scans (ultrasound, X ray or MRI) are often not warranted initially. Treatment of these conditions varies depending upon the correct diagnosis, which may include strengthening of muscles and tendons, moderating provocative activities and modifying sitting or standing postures.

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