In this current environment, TeleHealth has become an essential option for health care.

The Hip & Groin Clinic fully embrace the importance of TeleHealth but understand that you, the patient, may have questions regarding what it is, and what it can offer you.

In simple terms, TeleHealth allows us to conduct a consultation, but without face to face contact. You will be emailed a link prior to your appointment. Using your computer, tablet or phone, simply click on the link, follow the prompts, and effectively you have just checked in at reception for your appointment. All you have to do then, is wait in the virtual waiting room until your physiotherapist is ready for the consult. Therapists will conduct the usual questioning, modified examination and then be able to explain your condition and demonstrate the exercise prescription that is appropriate for you. You will then be sent video footage of your specific exercise program, to refer to when you do your rehabilitation.

Our platforms are secure, and all information is completely confidential, as per a normal consultation. We are still offering face to face appointments, but realise Telehealth will be a more suitable option for some of you. Please keep safe and contact us should you have any further questions.

To book your Telehealth consult, please call our friendly reception staff on 03 9529 3333.

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